What is Luxe Talent?

Luxe Talent is a modelling agency which provides clients with promotional models for brands, exhibitions and events. We have a variety of models and always recruiting more to be versatile with different brands. 

Why Choose Us?

We specifically tailor our services to suit what you need. We extensively research our models to fit exactly what you require taking into consideration experience as well as hobbies and interests so you can be confident you are receiving the best service. We brief our talent on the promotional work well prior to the day, saving you the time & resources on the day, so they are already well prepared and confident on what the tasks and requirements are. 

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  • Promotional staff

  • Online brand ambassadors

  • Grid girls and Ring girls 

  • Fashion and catwalk models

  • Leaflet Distributors

  • Male and Female Models

  • Fitness models

  • Beauty Models

  • Make up Artists

  • Actors/actresses

  • Extras for films, music videos and documentaries

  • Dancers

  • Singers/song writers​

  • Mascots


  • Video advertisement 

  • Video package including editing

  • Monthly social media posts

  • Recurring models for regular events

  • A social media plan to boost presence

  • Meetings with our management and IT team

  • Photo pack of images of your products

  • Website design and imagery

  • Supercars as props for images/video

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Ms Evans

Luxe Talent helped me promote my online brand with the brand ambassadors they have to offer and I cannot express how amazing they were, I highly recommend

Holland, P

Thankyou so much Luxe Talent for sourcing such high quality models for my event at such short notice. Professional and very helpful, thanks.

Dr Perez

I am a recurring client and time after time the quality and level of care these guys go through to provide such a service is phenomenal.

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